Accelerating Sales in Real Estate Industry

Interactive 3D Marketing Tool enabled with Email Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, CRM,
Aggregators Integration and Analytics


How it works

Set up VFrame

Track Campaigns

Manage Leads

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A new-age Digital Catalog with Interactive 3D Experience

Increase Customer Engagement

  • Unique immersive 3D experiences of spaces encasing 2D & 3D plans, Promotional videos, Model apartment, VR ready renderings, Specifications and Availability details to improve customer engagement.
  • With a far better output than traditional 360° view photograph; accessing, sharing and integrating the web-based VFrame link is effortless.
'Not just tell your story, make them experience it.'


Integrated with Powerful Tools to Track Campaigns of 3600 marketing

Reduce Cost, Time and Effort

  • 'Promotional Tools' - Convey your word through personalized messages to each customer from your contacts with flexible options of scheduling via SMS and Email campaigns.
  • ‘One Dashboard’ – A keeper for marketing teams where they can track and analyse the campaigns from all real estate Aggregator Platforms, Traditional Media; SMS, Email & Social Media campaigns to choose the right medium.
'Marketing without monitoring is like driving with eyes closed'


Efficient Lead Lifecycle Management For Real Estate Industry

Turn Prospects to Customers

  • Starting with manual/ automatic lead allocation, 4SiteView CRM takes care of everything a marketing team needs to organize, track and convert the lead.
  • Communication history of prospects at different phases is stored and is clearly flown among teams that handle leads at different stages.
'Efficient sales process is the key to conversion.'


Insights at every stage - from Customer Interaction to Conversion

Make Accurate Decisions

  • Insights from VFrame helps initiating sales with the right prospects.
  • Marketing dashboard helps monitoring and choosing the right channels for lead generation.
  • Insights at every stage of sales pipeline helps allocating lead to the right team at the right time, thereby increasing conversions.
'Accurate decisions across the sales funnel isn't just possible, it’s easy.'

Why 4Sight View

End-to-end tool from client initial interaction to sale fulfilment with
detailed insights


Engage Customers

Bring the listing to life
with interactive visuals.


Track Campaigns

Route the investment to
where it creates impact.


Manage Leads

Keep a check on leads
across the funnel.


View Insights

Turn data into information,
and information into insight.

Accelerate your sales now

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About Us

We provide interactive, data-rich 2D and 3D Visual media solutions for Architects, Builders and Property Developers. We offer you powerful promotional tools that can be embedded into your website. Enable your customers to virtually interact and experience the real world through immersive media.

Market your listings with details of Orientation, Availability, Price, Size etc, Provide remote access to view your property from any location, for all prospective clients.